Pellervo Society

Pellervo is a service organisation for Finnish cooperatives and a forum for cooperative activities. Pellervo has almost 300 members. It is an organisation of expertise on cooperative matters and to its members Pellervo provides among other things advice, publications and seminars.

Pellervo deals with various interests of its members both on national and international level. Pellervo is a member of the International Co-operative Alliance, ICA.

Pellervo is an organisation dedicated to development. We work for making the cooperative business model more known to the public and offer the cooperative model as a competitive alternative for those thinking about starting a business. The cooperative model is still inadequately known which hinders its operating and developing conditions.

Pellervo strives to influence the legislative work and the economic and financial policies in Finland and Europe to accommodate the cooperative business model.

Current issues include the Cooperative Act, taxation of cooperatives, the position of cooperative issues in education and research as well as trade and competition policy.

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