Publications in english

Publications in english

Friend Leadership - A Visual Inspiration Book

Friend Leadership - A Visual Inspiration Book offers the tools for Generation Y leadership. Inspiration Book illuminates through the elements earth, water, fire, wind and void the steps of friend leadership. The friend leadership tools are extreme beneficial for all future leaders.

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Co-operation – Responsible Finnish Ownership

The Co-operative Delegation published ”Osuustoiminta – vastuullista suomalaista omistajuutta” in December 2005.

In January 2007 this publication was translated into English, Swedish and Spanish.

The translated pdf-versions consist of 14 pages, no pictures included. With this publication, the Co-operative Delegation wishes, in its turn, to maintain the discussion about ownership, and to bring out new dimensions; to raise the importance of co-operation alongside knowhow and entrepreneurship.



Finnish Co-operatives Act

Unofficial translatoin of Finnish Co-operatives Act. ©Ministry of Justice, Finland. Act was valid until January 1. 2014 when new Co-operatives Act came into force. Translation of 2014 Co-Operative act will be published.

PDF of translation of previous act (2001)

What do we mean by succes?

The members of the negotiation pool for cooperation in Finland have published a broshure on cooperation in English. 

The meaning of the broshure  is to tell briefly about the idea of cooperation. You can print the broshure on the paper. The real size of the broshure is A5.


The Pellervo Story

A Century of Finnish Cooperation, 1899-1999
The book offers three approaches to Pellervo cooperation and developments in Finland:
- cooperative ideological and political ties,
- the growth and dynamics of cooperative enterprises, and
- cooperation as a grossroots popular movement.

The book further analyses the four main periods of the Finnish cooperative century:
- origin and establishment
- breakthrough and growth in the 1920s and 1930s
- consolidation and concentration from the 1940s to the 1980s, and
- adjustment and reorientation from the mid-1980s onwards.