Cooperative Starters guide now available

Do you need information about how to start a cooperative in Finland? Pellervo Coop Center’s guide “How to Start a Cooperative” is available now.

The guide is targeted especially at those who are in the phase of considering or planning a business together in Finland. The guide is also beneficial to any international persons who work with or are interested in the cooperative business form.

Starting a Cooperative in Finland

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Petition to the Government of Finland: Cooperatives should be a stronger part of school and university education!

A large number of Finnish business leaders and researchers appeal to the Ministers of Education and Culture to include the cooperative businesses model more strongly into the Finnish school education. The reason for this, is the common concern that the business and economic model represented by cooperative companies is now very poorly reflected in the education system.

Coop survey in Finland: awareness of cooperatives has improved

Understanding of what cooperation is and what cooperatives are has clearly become more widespread in recent years. It is primarily due to the improved communication of cooperative businesses themselves, not school education. Still, the vast majority (64%) of the Finnish population say they are fairly poorly or not at all familiar with cooperation.