Starting a Cooperative -webinar recording

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Recording of the webinar held on 25. october 2023. 

Introduction to the business form and founding a cooperative in Finland
Director of Cooperation Kari Huhtala, Pellervo

  • what is a co-operative?
  • comparison of different forms of business in Finland
  • why choose co-operative as a form of business?
  • key principles of a co-operative as a form of business in Finland?

Case of a recently found cooperative: Uudenmaan ruoka Cooperative
Chairman of the board Rikard Korkman

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Pellervo’s EU Manifesto – Cooperatives are builders of a sustainable future

1. Cooperatives to be taken into account in business regulation. 2. A cooperative provides a fair foundation for social and platform economies. 3. The cooperative model facilitates the reconstruction of Ukraine. 4. Cooperatives strengthen the private sector in EU external development projects. 5. Cooperative awareness must be strengthened in the EU Parliament.