Cooperatives have the most sustainable brands in Finland


In the Sustainable Brand Index survey, Finnish consumers once again chose the most responsible brands in their country. Among the top ten most responsible brands, there are as many as four cooperative companies or their brands.

The new government in Finland is going to promote the cooperative business model

29.10.2019 | SAMI KARHU, text

Finland elected a new government this year and in June 2019 they released the Government Programme called “Inclusive and competent Finland – a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable society”.

Cooperatives promote sustainable platform economy of the future

5.3.2019 | HANNA MUUKKA, text

Platform economy revolutionizes business. An enormous amount of value is created on platforms like Über or Airbnb by their users – consumers and especially those producing the service. But to […]

Finnish survey of cooperatives: knowledge and popularity of cooperation increased remarkably


Six out of ten (60 %) Finns have a positive or very positive attitude towards cooperation. This emerges from a survey conducted by Pellervo Coop Center (www.pellervo.fi). The corresponding figure ten years ago was 47 %. The attitude was most positive in the capital area of Helsinki, where the change was most remarkable compared to the situation ten years ago. The best known cooperatives in Finland are S Group (consumer cooperative), OP Group (cooperative bank), Valio (dairy), LähiTapiola (mutual insurance company), POP Bank and Metsä Group (forest cooperative).  

10th Rulescoop, Meeting Opening words, President Martti Asunta


Dear seminar attendees Welcome to the most cooperative country in the world. With a population of 5, 5 million we still manage to have 7 million memberships in our cooperatives […]